July 29, 2014

Company Incorporation in Dubai, UAE

Company Incorporation in Dubai, UAE

In order to incorporate your business in Dubai, you must file your business formation documents with the government of the country you do business in. The state governments have sophisticated requirements which need some professional assistance to properly address. We are proud to announce that all your legal requirements regarding your Company incorporation in Dubai can be handled through one window.

Company Incorporation in Dubai UAE

Company incorporation in Dubai carries several advantages with it. It gives your business a lot of credibility and also protects your valuable business assets. Once your business name gets appended with ‘Inc.’ or ‘LLC’, then it gets a lot of credibility in the eyes of the customers. People start trusting you as an authoritative business with full trust and confidence. The company incorporate in UAE gives you a brand recognition and protection. Perpetual existence is also a possibility through company incorporation in UAE.

As Dubai has become a big business hub of the world, therefore your company incorporation in Dubai has to follow a set of rules and regulations. The legal requirements for your company incorporation in UAE require some extensive paper work which definitely can only be handled by experienced professionals. Any slight alteration in the legal documents can cost you a fortune and valuable time loss. Incurring company incorporation in Dubai, services can ideally convert your idea or concept into a feasible reality. With your valuable input, we can provide you a clear path for converting your business concepts and objectives into a tangible reality. Further, market research regarding your business is very pivotal which also we would do on your behalf. Based on this research, valuable advice can be given to you as how you can better manage your business.

For your company incorporation in Dubai, we can assist you in managing your tax returns and other deductibles as well. It can get very troublesome for the management of a company to manage both the business and the legal matters simultaneously. Hiring a professional company formation service provider becomes highly desirable in such circumstances. Once you talk with any of our experienced business professional, he can assist you that what we can do to enhance your business capabilities and to manage it with supreme authority and confidence. Ideally, company formation in UAE process should be outsourced as soon as you have made your major investments. It will give protection to your investments by managing everything related to your business prospects.

Documents Required for LLC Company incorporation in Dubai

  • Investor’s passport copy for Company incorporation in Dubai
  • Local Sponsor’s passport copy
  • Manager’s Passport copy
  • NOC letter from the sponsor if the partner or the Manger has a residence visa in the UAE
  • Registration application form from Economic Department
  • Trade name reservation for Company incorporation in Dubai
  • Initial approval from Economic Department Tenancy contract for the Office/warehouse or showroom attested by planning department and civil defence department of Dubai municipality along with location plan.
  • Memorandum of Association duly attested from public notary.

Documents Required for Professional Firms for Company Incorporation

  • Parent Business formation certificate duly attested from the UAE embassy in the home country of the parent organization.
  • Board resolution for establishing a branch and to appoint the manager for the same
  • Attested copy(from UAE Embassy) of organization memorandum / articles of association
  • Financial statements for the last two years
  • Local service agency agreement duly notarize in the UAE courts
  • Passport copy of the local service agent
  • Passport copy of the Manager
  • Company profile
  • NOC letter in favour of the Manager from the sponsor, if he is a resident of the UAE

Following are Some Key Benefits for Company incorporation in Dubai:

  • No corporate tax for Company incorporation in Dubai
  • No income tax for Company incorporation in Dubai
  • No capital gains tax
  • No property tax
  • No wealth tax
  • Low property transaction cost
  • Ease of access to home and corporate finance