July 29, 2014

Company Registration

Company Registration in Dubai, UAE

Businesses of any category operating in the UAE must have a license for registering into the business network of the country. Company registration in UAE requires a trade license and permission from different law enforcement agencies and the state government for setting up your business. Company registration in Dubai for businesses like financial services, food, health services, printing and publishing requires a lot more clearance than any other business. If you are looking for trading in any of these industries in Dubai or any other, then we can give you the best advice for your company registration in UAE.

Company registration in UAE falls into following three categories depending on the nature of your business:

  1. Company Registration in Dubai, UAECommercial License – This license is issued to those companies who are just looking for trading business activities.
  2. Industrial License – This license is for those companies who will engage in manufacturing or other industrial activities.
  3. Professional License – This license is issued specifically for different service providers, artisans, craftsmen and other professionals.

For your company registration in Dubai, the Department of Economic Development (DED) of UAE issues the required licenses. Our team of business professionals understands the working of the DED very well and knows the documentation and other requirements needed for your company registration in UAE. The department is located in several places all over Dubai. We advise our customers to also visit the DED for better understanding the range of services of the department.

There are many complex requirements associated with the issuing of the business license. The company registration in Dubai for financial services must need the approval of the Central Bank of UAE. The license for the manufacturing companies requires approval from Industry ministry of UAE. Similarly, the medical service providers require approval from the Health Ministry of UAE. All these services can be given by us through one window operation. We take all the responsibility of resolving the license issue with the assurance of granting it in a quick time.

Company registration in Dubai for business ownership has a critical requirement of giving 51% of shares given to the UAE nationals. Obviously, this is also a complex requirement and newcomers in Dubai for business might not know how to handle such issues. All you need to do is to visit our website and contact us in order to get the all relevant information. We will guide you step by step about all the process related to the registration of your business in UAE.

Documents Required for LLC

  • Investor’s passport copy
  • Local Sponsor’s passport copy
  • Manager’s Passport copy
  • NOC letter from the sponsor if the partner or the Manger has a residence visa in the UAE
  • Registration application form from Economic Department
  • Trade name reservation
  • Initial approval from Economic Department Tenancy contract for the Office/warehouse or showroom attested by planning department and civil defence department of Dubai municipality along with location plan.
  • Memorandum of Association duly attested from public notary.

Documents Required for Professional firms

  • Parent Business formation certificate duly attested from the UAE embassy in the home country of the parent organisation.
  • Board resolution for establishing a branch and to appoint the manager for the same
  • Attested copy(from UAE Embassy) of organisation memorandum / articles of association
  • Financial statements for the last two years
  • Local service agency agreement duly notarised in the UAE courts
  • Passport copy of the local service agent
  • Passport copy of the Manager
  • Company profile
  • NOC letter in favour of the Manager from the sponsor, if he is a resident of the UAE

Following are Some Key Benefits:

  • No corporate tax
  • No income tax
  • No capital gains tax
  • No property tax
  • No wealth tax
  • Low property transaction cost
  • Ease of access to home and corporate finance