May 28, 2017




You are about to apply for Value Added Tax (VAT) registration in the UAE. NAM Associates are the leading VAT Consultants in Dubai and can help you with your registration.

You should read the following information before proceeding with the completion of your VAT registration application. It will help you understand whether or not you are required or eligible to register for VAT and, if so, what information you will need to hand in order to complete your application. It also provides you with helpful information about how to use the online VAT registration application system.


  1. Who is registered for VAT?

When you register for VAT you are registering the person that is operating a business, not the business itself. A person can be an individual (i.e. operating as a sole trader), or a legal person (further defined in Section 4) or another form of entity VAT registration covers ALL of the business activities of the authorized person.

When you apply for VAT in Dubai registration we will ask you for information relating to the person that is to be registered, and the current/intended business activities of that person.

  1. Your obligations at this time

Until the VAT legislation is formally enacted in the UAE you are NOT required to apply for registration.

Nevertheless, the Federal Tax Authority is inviting applications for VAT purposes in the interim in order to help businesses operating in the UAE prepare in good time for the implementation of VAT on 1 January 2018. With our team of experts comprising of qualified and experienced Chartered Accountants and Vat consultants in UAE, NAM Associates provides accurate information and are the best value-added tax consultants in Dubai



(Mandatory registration) You will be required to be registered when the VAT in Dubai law is in force if you are a business that is resident in the GCC and you are making supplies of goods or services in the UAE and either:

  1. Your turnover was more than AED375,000 in the last 12 months; or
  2. You expect that your turnover will be more than AED375,000 in the next 30 days.

(Voluntary registration) If you are not required to register, you will be eligible to apply for registration when the VAT law is in force if:

  1. Either your turnover or expenses (which will be subject to VAT) were more than AED187,500 in the last 12 months; or
  2. You expect that either your turnover or expenses (which will be subject to VAT) will be more than AED187, 500 in the next 30 days.

All Designated Government Bodies and Designated Charities must register for VAT purposes, whether or not they are otherwise required or eligible for registration (subject to the relevant entity being listed in Cabinet Decision). More details on this subject can be obtained from the FTA if required.


You are required to register when the VAT in UAE law is in force if you are making or expect to make supplies of goods or services in the UAE and there is no other person who is required to account for the VAT in the UAE on your behalf.


Business: a business can be constituted in any form. It includes sole traders, partnerships, incorporated or unincorporated bodies (including clubs and associations, trusts and charities).

Legal Person: An entity with legal personality formed under the relevant laws that are capable of entering into contracts in its own name. Typically, for example, a company would be a legal person, as it is formed under companies’ laws and can enter into contracts. However, it is also possible for other entities to be created which are similar (e.g. a Limited Liability Partnership, or the companies formed by Decree under local laws in the Emirates).

Resident: a business is generally considered resident in a place where it has a place of establishment or a fixed establishment.

Place of establishment: is the place where a business is legally established, or in which significant management decisions are taken and central management functions are conducted.

Fixed Establishment is any fixed place of business, other than the place of establishment, in which business is carried on regularly or permanently and were sufficient human and technology resources exist to enable the business to make or receive supplies.

Turnover: for the purposes of working out whether you should register you should take into account the value of:

  • taxable supplies made or to be made;
  • the value of taxable goods and services imported; and
  • if you acquire a whole or part of another business, the value of taxable supplies made by the acquired whole or part of the business.

Taxable supply: all supplies of goods and services made in the UAE are taxable supplies, other than a limited number of exempt supplies


Yes. You will be allocated a different TRN for VAT purposes if your application for registration is successful. If you have registered for Excise Tax before, you may find the process faster as some of the answers are prepopulated.


  1. A person can only hold one TRN for VAT purposes at any one time. It is your responsibility to ensure that duplicate applications are not submitted. NAM associates with its team of value added tax consultants offer specialized and efficient services to help you complete the process.
  2. Branches are not separate legal entities; only the entity of which they are branches should apply for registration where that entity meets the relevant criteria. Even if you are operating via branches in more than one Emirate, only one VAT registration is required.


A Tax group can be formed between two or more legal persons (each of which must be resident in the UAE), that are associated and which meet specific control criteria.

The prospective representative member of the Tax group is the only member who can create the group. In order to create a Tax group, and if you are the representative member, you must first apply for VAT registration in the normal manner using the standard VAT registration application form. Upon submission of the application, you will be allocated a Tax Identification Number (TIN) which is required in order to be able to proceed and complete a Tax group registration form. Please note that this is not a TRN and cannot be used for VAT purposes.

A separate Tax group registration application will also have to be completed. Only when the group application has been accepted and approved will you be issued with a TRN.


If you only make zero-rated supplies, you may apply to be excepted from registering for VAT.

You must still complete a VAT registration application, but you should answer “Yes” to the question: “Are you applying for an exception from VAT registration?” (Please refer to the additional instructions provided in the Authorized Signatory section in the application).


  1. What information will you need to hand when completing the registration application

During the application process, you will be asked for various documents relating to your activities. It is advisable that you have these on hand prior to starting your application.

  1. The required documentation will vary depending on the profile of the applicant.
    Below is a guide showing the types of documents that may be requested, depending on the legal status of the applicant. NAM Associates offers customized vat consultants in UAE to help you understand the requirements and complete the process efficiently.
Natural person Incorporated Bodies (e.g. a company, a UAE company established by Decree or Limited Liability Partnership) Other non-Corporate bodies (e.g. a partnership, trust, club, charity, etc.) Government entity
Trade License(s) Trade License(s) Trade License(s) Law or decree of establishment
Emirates ID Certificate of Incorporation (Free Zone Companies) Certificate of Incorporation (if applicable) Contact Information
Partnership Agreement (if applicable) Certificate of Incorporation (if applicable) Certificate of Incorporation (if applicable) Contact Information
Contact Information Articles of Association/ Partnership Agreement (if applicable) Club or Association Registration Bank Account details
Bank Account details Contact Information Contact Information Customs details (if applicable)
Financial Statements Bank Account details Bank Account details Authorized Signatory documents
Customs details (if applicable) Financial Statements Financial Statements
Passport and Emirates ID Customs details (if applicable) Customs details (if applicable)
Authorized Signatory documents Authorized Signatory documents
Passport and Emirates ID of manager, owner and senior management Passport and Emirates ID of manager, owner, and senior management

You are required to upload copies of documents in some cases. Accepted file types are PDF, JPG, PNG, and JPEG. The individual file size limit is 2 MB.

  1. How much time will the application process take?

The online application form should take approximately 15 – 20 minutes to complete.

  1. Save as you go

It is recommended that you save your form as you work through it by clicking the “save and next” button at the bottom of the form.

For data security purposes, the online registration system will automatically log you out after a period of 10 minutes of inactivity.

  1. Taking care

Please provide as much accurate information as you can; failure to do so can lead to delays processing your application and could lead to your application being rejected. All sections marked with an asterisk must be completed otherwise you will not be able to submit the form.

Please be aware that you may be subject to penalties if you provide incorrect information in your application.

  1. What happens next?

When your application has been approved you will be provided with a TRN for VAT and enabled to submit your Tax returns and pay any amounts due online. Other services specific to VAT in UAE will also be available to you.

In some limited cases, we may have to contact you where we have questions about your application or if we require additional information. Your application will not progress until you have provided the necessary information and it will be shown as “Pending” on your eServices portal.

In all cases, if we do not believe that you have met the criteria necessary for VAT registration your application will be rejected.

If you have a question about your application, you can submit a Service Request on the eServices portal. NAM Associates are the best vat consultants in UAE and help you

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