July 2, 2014

Hamriyah Free Zone

Company Formation in Hamriyah Free Zones

 Company Formation in Hamriyah Free Zones

The Hamriyah free zone offers lucrative business opportunities to the new investors. The Company formation in the Hamriyah free zone is particularly easy as the registration and licensing process is very well streamlined. The investors due to the easy procedure and formalities can get the license within an hour of submitting their application. The applicant just has to make sure that he has given all the supporting documents which are required for his company formation in the Hamriyah free zone.

Following advantages are given to the investors if they choose to go for business set up in the Hamriyah free zone:

  • Guaranteed 100% ownership of the business both for individuals and corporate entities.
  • Investors are given the liberty to operate their business through a Flexi desk.
  • Hamriyah free zone is a premium location for your business setup.
  • Extremely secure business environment.
  • Guaranteed 100% repatriation of invested capital and profits gained.
  • Very competent licensing and registration procedure.
  • We offer state of the art consultancy on the following entities for your business setup in the Hamriyah free zone:
  • Issuing of the required license in Hamriyah free zone
  • Permitting of legal entities in Hamriyah free zone
  • Shareholders structure and procedure
  • Shares structure
  • Capital investment
  • Guidance in the selection of your company name as there are several restrictions in Hamriyah free zone Dubai.
  • Organizational structure for company formation in Hamriyah free zone
  • Auditing process for company formation in Hamriyah free zone
  • Attainment of facilities in Hamriyah free zone
  • Visa matters
  • State government laws and regulation in the Hamriyah free zone
  • Driving license issuance and other such services.

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